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Greater Iran

Why the Islamic Republic called ‘Irân’ is NOT🚫 real Irân (Land of the Aryans). Greater Irân, Irânšahr or Irânzamin is a term used to express a distinction between the modern state Iran and the cultural region of Iran, also known as Persia by western historians . There is no fixed extent for Greater Iran, as many administrative, cultural, and linguistic shifts have occurred in the Iranian history. One definition refers to the original area of Iranian civilization, the region between the Indus & Tigris river; all the regions that had significant Iranian cultural influence due to having been either long historically ruled by various Iranian Dynasties. Another difinition includes historically Iranic populatrd areas, like Scythian lands, as well.

Greater Israel & Greater Iran

Before the Islamic Revolution in Iran 1979, Iran & Israel used to have good relations.



The Persian Empire during the reign of Darius I (Šâhanšâh Dâryuš I)

The Persian Empire during the reign of Darius I (Šâhanšâh Dâryuš I)


Middle East Map 1991 ( Iran )


“North Iran” or “Arran” is part of Iran and is located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. It is bounded by the Caspian Sea to the east, Russia to the north, Georgia to the northwest and Armenia to the west.


Greater Iran on the map

Iran Sassanid Persian Empire at its greatest extent

Irân during the reign of Persian emperor Xosrou Parviz Sâsâni

Iran Zamin_solution_to_Mideast

Map of the Middle East before and after

Greater Irân and dissemination of Persian Language

Greater Irân and dissemination of Persian Language


United States of Iran zamin


History of Iran


Iranian Languages in Middle east


Iran’s Historically and legitimate territory


Persian Sasanian Empire (AD 224–AD 651)

Iran-e Bozorg1

List of Iranian people in Greater Iran (not 100% accurate)

فرمانروایی افشاری ایران

Persian Afsharid Empire
(Hindustan was given back to Mughals at the request of Nâder Šâh himself)

Map of Irânzamin (Land of Aryans) The name

Map of Irânzamin (Land of Aryans)
The name “Irân” originates from middle Persian “Erân” and Old Persian “Ariyânâm”, Avestan “Airyâ (vaejâ)”.

All of this people are ethnically Iranic expect for: -Pashtuns (only speak an Iranic language) -Armenians, Georgians, Qashqai (culturally Iranians)
All of this people are ethnically Iranic expect for:

-Armenians, Georgians, Qashqai (culturally Iranians)

We belive to Anjomane Pâdešahi. Each part, each state, each Ostân (

We belive to Anjomane Pâdešahi. Each part, each state, each Ostân (“istan”) will have their own Šâh(King). But this is not federation, no federalism. We believe each state control and govern their own tribes, but we have a big Parliment and they always consultant every thing together and with the Šâhanšâh( Emperor/”King of Kings”). Also we have manifest and Human Right same or even more from Cyrus the Great time . We respect all language which languages are based on Avestâ. Same as Europe’s languages are based on Latin. So we need one mixed language from all tribes which is called Pârsi – “Persian language”, also this language kept people unite for 7000 years till now.

Historical Persia and nowadays Persian populated areas in the Middle East.

Historical Persia and nowadays Persian populated areas in the Middle East.

Negâreyi az Farmânravâyiye Safavi(Irân), Farmânravâyiye Osmâni va Farmânravâyiye Gurkâni(Moqulâne Hend)

Negâreyi az Farmânravâyiye Safavi(Irân), Farmânravâyiye Osmâni va Farmânravâyiye Gurkâni(Moqulâne Hend)


Difference between Iranian (Nationality like Turkish, British, etc.), Iranic (Ethnic Family like Turkic, Slavic, etc.) and Persian (Ethnicity like Punjabi, Arab, Kurd, etc,)


Middle East divided among Ethnic lines


Ossetians, Kurds, Talysh, Gilakis, Mazanis, Lurs, Perisans (Iran & Afghanistan), Persians (Tajikistan & Uzbekistan), Pamiris, Pashtuns, Balochis.


Although the Iranian plateau has many natural defenses it got invaded many times by foreigners.


The Nation of Iran lost large parts of its territory to Russia, Britain, the Ottomans and the British backed Pashtuns (Afghans)


Persians are an Ethnicity living in 4 countries: Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan. Greater Iran is the cultural region which always used to be part of various different Iranian Empires like the Medes, Achaemenids, Parthians, Sassanids, Safavids, Afsharids, Qajars, etc.

Iranian historical cartoon: Parthian Empire

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    I’m truly enjoying the design and layout of your blog. It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more pleasant for me to come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a developer to create your theme? Great work!

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  5. Shahid Kayani says:

    Looks like Iranians have lost their mind? They were the cause of the death of whom they are crying for? What better can you expect from them, they are creation of Traitors. They mourn whom they killed? This is the bitter truth n fact.

  6. Well, I’m a canadian political science in University of Montreal… Seeing your blog I can understand the interest for a greater Iran but you should know that parts of your irredentism doesn’t hold the line. Even though Armenians, georgians, turkmens and iraqis were at some point part of Iran, this does not justify claiming their territories as they probably feel no connection to Iran anymore except maybe the Shia southern iraqis… While a greater Iran is not a bad idea, it could only be done through federalism so that each people could retain their differences and particularities and languages. Then again, to include each or any of the non persian peoples, you would have to hold a referendum to see whether they are willing to be part of a greater iranian federation or not. That is the principle of self-determination of peoples. Forcing peoples to be part of your nation because you think it is better that way is what is called imperialism.

  7. I don’t understand…why is the Iran of today so small and weak compared to the 22 Arab nations? Shouldn’t the Persians have a much greater sphere of political and cultural influence?

    • manucehr says:

      The ethnic Persians of Azerbaijan aka Caucasian Tats [ ] are almost exterminated due to Azerbaijani forced assimilation. Same goes to the Persians of Uzbekistan, whose lands were given by the Soviets to the Uzbeks. And the ethnic Persians of Iran & Afghanistan currently suffer from bad governments that only act in the intrests of Shia Islam (in Iran) or the Pashtuns/Taliban (in Afghanistan). The only country that acts in the intrests of the Persians in Tajikistan but they are weak and poor since the country is really small, underdeveloped and mostly mountainous thanks to 20th century Soviet border drawing.

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