Iranic Union / United Kingdom of Iran (U.K.I)

Iranic Union (in Persian: Hambastegâne Irâni/Pâdšâhiye Yekpârceye Irân)

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Pan-Iranism is an ideology that advocates solidarity and reunification of Iranic peoples living in the Iranian plateau including Ossetians, Kurds, Persians (including Hazara, Aymaq & Tajiks), Pashtuns, Baluchs, Lurs, Gilakis and Zazas, Caucasian Tats, Iranian Tats, Pamiris and many more, especially the smaller groups.

The fictional political borders (Edit: territories inhabited by non-Iranics should NOT be included):

The Iranic Union

Future Pan-Iranist States (Edit: Dagestan, Georgia, Avaria, Lezgistan, Iraq, Arran and Azerbaijan are NOT Iranic States):

Iranic Union - Map

All 17 States of the Iranic Union represented each with a unique color. Smaller States represented with 1 number.


Updated Map (Edit: Azerbaijan & Arran should be count as ‘cooperative states’) :


The Iranic Union vs. Greater Iran

The Iranic Union and Greater Iran are 2 COMPLETELY DIFFERENT concepts. Greater Iran is about the nation of Iran which has existed since the times of the Achaemenid Empire but gained more and more importance during the Sassanid Empire when the country was officialy called ‘Erânšahr’ (Realm of the Iranians) and a real national feeling evolved. Anyone could be an Iranian regardless of the their ethnicity such as Armenians, Georgians or Assyrians living in the Iranian nation. Whereas the Iranic Union is solely based on the unification of Iranic Ethnicities in a FEDERAL and democratic way, where no culture dominates the other.

The Iranic States and Imperial territories of the Union:

The Imperial territory of Azarbaijan (7) – Capital: Tabriz

Parcame Ârân

Parcame Âzarbâyjân

Iranic State of Talyshistan (8) – Capital: Masali

Parcame Tâlešestân

Parcame Tâlešestân

Iranic State of Gilan (9) – Capital: Rasht

Parcame Gilân

Parcame Gilân

Iranic State of Mazandaran (10) – Capital: Sari

Parcame Mâzandarân

Parcame Mâzandarân

(NOT A  MEMBER) the State of Iraq – Capital: Baghdad

Parcame Irâk

Parcame Irâk

(NOT A  MEMBER) The State of Dagestan (1) – Capital: Makhachkal

Parcame Dâgestân

Parcame Dâgestân

(NOT A  MEMBER) The State of Georgia (3) – Capital: Tiflis

Parcame Gorjestân

Parcame Gorjestân

(NOT A  MEMBER)  The State of Armenia – Capital: Yerevan

Parcame Armanestân

Parcame Armanestân

Iranic State of Ossetia (2) – Capital: Vladikavkaz

Parcame Âsistân

Parcame Âsistân

Iranic State of Zazaistan (4) – Capital: Mamiki

Parcame Zâzâyestân

Parcame Zâzâyestân

(NOT A  MEMBER) The State of Lezgistan (5) – Capital: Derbent

Parcame Lazgestân

Parcame Lazgestân

(NOT A  MEMBER)  The State of Avaristan (6) – Capital: Ganja

Parcame Âvârestân

Parcame Âvârestân

(NOT A  MEMBER)  The State of Arran – Capital: Baku

Parcame Âzarbâyjân

Parcame Ârân

Iranic State of Kurdistan – Capital: Arbil

Parcame Kordestân

Iranic State of Persia – Capital: Ispahan(Official), Herat(De facto)

Parcame Pârs


Iranic State of Balochistan – Capital: Gwadar

Parcame Balucestân

Parcame Balucestân

Iranic State of Pashtunistan – Capital, Peshawar

Parcame Paštunestân

Parcame Afqânestân


I.U (Iranic Union) –   اتحادیه ایران


National Anthem: Ey Iran (only Melody)

Estimated Population: 203,400,000

Largest City: Tehran

Most Populous Province: Persia

Capital: Tehran (Change in Future?)

Official languages: None at federal level (each province has its own official language alongside Persian)

Goverment: Constitutional monarchy

– Monarch: Reza Shah II (Reza Pahlavi)


Iranic Flag Iranian Banner

Parcame Irâne Bozorg

Demonym: Iranian


A Zoroastrian, democratic, secular, & progressive Iran with a system of governance in the form of a Constitutional Monarchy – a system that is deeply rooted within Iran’s thousands of years of history & rich culture.

• A monarchy can be a neutral (in the ethnical sense) figurehead uniting the different peoples of Iran.

• In Iran, only the institution of monarchy can satisfy every ideology and fulfill people’s needs.

I.U. or Iranic Union is the best alternative for Iranian people and their neighbours to save and Protect own cultural heritage.
equality and justice, as Ahurâ Mazdâ says:

Pendâre nik, Goftâre nik, Kerdâre nik

(Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds)

Political Situation of Iranic peoples

Even though Iran & Afghanistan are controlled by ethnically Iranic peoples their governments are either pro-Taliban (in case of AFG) or pro-Shia (in case of IRR)


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15 Responses to Iranic Union / United Kingdom of Iran (U.K.I)

  1. could you tell me when you’re going to update your posts?

  2. really nice article, thanks for them good post.

  3. i was very pleased to find this site. i wanted to thank you for this great read!!

  4. mestreseo says:

    hi, i just discovered your blog on google and i must say this blog is great.

  5. Abbas al-Jafar says:

    I am an Arab and fear this Iranic Union a lot, this is why I hate it.

  6. sher khan says:

    Khaili mumlun ( dera manana)
    From a Pashtun brother.

  7. disagreement says:

    i am iranian. i do not agree with this article.
    there was never a state called persia. persia is just ancient south iran.
    stop promoting this ridiculous nationalist nonsense.
    we are iran. we love IRAN.

    • bandarzadeh says:


      Well you’re right there was never a state called “Persia” – Persia(Pârs/پارس) , the same Kurdistan never existed. But in this scenario we divided the region by ethnic lines.

  8. Bone Beast says:

    Add to the map, Tabaristan, united Mazandaran, Gilan and Talyshistan. We are not Persians, but Iranic.

    • manucehr says:


      The main reason I did not add them but made them a part of Persia was because they would be too small compared to other States (“Stans”). But of course you’re right Talysh etc. are no ethnic Persians. I will correct that mistake.

      Ruz xoš!

  9. Wolf of Sahara says:

    Man niz yek Irâni hastam ke dust dâram in barnâme tahaqoq peydâ kone 🙂

  10. Afghan Lion says:

    Such nationalist nonsense, as a Pashtun you have carved 80% of my country into your “Persia” and have left us with KPK which isn’t even the traditional homeland of Pashtuns. Its like me including half of Iran all the way up to Isfahan as part of our “Loy Afghanistan” map because the Hotaki Afghans once ruled it. So you see how ridiculous both these ideas sound?

    Stop being a Persian nationalist, Pan-Iranism is a disease.

    • manucehr says:

      Well we can argue about the “exact ethnic borders of Pashtuns” for hours.. but on the map Pashtunistan includes most of southern and eastern Afghanistan as well. The problem is most regions in Afghanistan speak Persian: Northern, Central & Western regions. As you can see on this lingual map:
      And besides in a future Pan-Iranic Union there would be no “borders” much like the EU. You can travel from Kurdistan to Pashtunistan, without any border check because these are States (Like in the US) & NOT actual independent countries. These borders are NOT 100% correct but more symbolic. Maybe you can propose another map of a future Iranic Union & share it?

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