The Imperial State of Iran



Sorude Šâhanšâhi

RASTÂXIZ – Monarchist Party of Iran

Royalist protest 1979 against incoming Islamic Revolution


Imperial State of Iran

PASSPORT: Imperial State of Iran

The Coat of arms of the Persian Empire

Coat of arms of the Sovereign of the Persian Empire

Shah of Iran

Iran’s White Revolution [Enqelâbe Šâho Mellat] was a 12 point plan made in 1963. These twelve points were to be understood as the starting point of a new era, a reshaping of the Iranian feudal society, as a necessary measure for the entry of Iran into the “modern age”. Initially, it was a 6 point program that was later expanded: 1. The abolition of the feudal system and the distribution of farmland from landowners to peasants. 2. The nationalization of all forests and pastureland 3. The privatization of state-owned industrial enterprises to finance compensation payments to large landlords 4. Profit sharing for workers and employees of companies 5. General active and passive voting rights for women 6. Fighting illiteracy by building an auxiliary teacher’s corps As early as 1963, the Šâh had formulated five basic social rights for all Iranians in his New Year’s speech: the right to a reasonable minimum of food, clothing, housing, education and health care. It was clear to the Šâh that he could only impose the program of the “White Revolution” with the support of the majority of the population against the landowning Qâjâr Turks and the Arabo-Muslim clergy, which had always been the most determined Opponents of democratization, modernization and equitable distribution of the country’s wealth among Iranian people.

Pahlavi Dynasty

The Silent Protector of the Middle East

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