Mohammad Mossadegh: A traitor or a hero?

Dr. Mohammad Mossadeq or better say Mohammad Hedâyat today is known by many Iranians as a ‘Hero’ without actually knowing who he was and what he did.
He was a Swiss & Iranian citizen and from 1951 to 1953 Prime Minister of Iran. Mossadeq was a wealthy landowner of the Turkic Qajar family. And during the time of Rezâ Šâh he defended publicly the shameful actions of the Qajars, and eventually got rightly jailed by Rezâ Šâh for treason. And it was Mohammad Rezâ Šâh of Iran who later released him from jail. Mossadeq thanked the Šâh by betraying him and staging a coup against him.
His Nationalization of the Oil policy was a big failure. At that time Iran’s whole economy was based on Oil exportation and the only people who had the know-how to extract the Iranian Oil were western Oil companies who always payed a share of the profits back to Iran. So what did Mossadeq do by kicking out the foreigners? Crippling the whole Iranian economy and bankrupting the country.
His so called ‘democracy’ gave armed Communist & Islamist thugs, who were jailed by the Šâh for their extremist ideologies the freedom to terrorize the people in Tehran for months all in the name of ‘political freedom’. Mossadeq was in no way a man of progress; he strongly opposed the construction of railway lines in Iran and argued that Iran did not need any railways, roads or ports because according to him Iranians didn’t need to travel and could simply stay at home. I mean what do you expect from a man who received his state guests in pajamas in his bedroom?

Mossadeq receiving state guests in pajamas

Mossadeq is the cause of the Islamic Revolution in Iran 30 years later. Here in this time, the old slogans and the old lies, ‘the Šah was an agent of the British and the Americans’ emerged. Here are many anti-Iranian roots for the decline of the Pahlavi dynasty and the decline and destruction of Iran. Šâhanšâh Mohammad Rezâ Pahlavi loved Iran, and that was exactly what fated his end, like some others in Iranian history who loved Iran. If you want to rule Iran, it’s not enough to be just a Muslim, you have to be an anti-Iranian too, as Iranian history has proved time and again.

Mossadeq was arrested and sentenced to 3 years in prison. Until the end of his life he spent his time at his country estate in Ahmadâbâd, where he died in 1967. The Shah returned after General Zahedi restored order under the cheers of thepeople. , Who can really blame the US for wanting to prevent the loss of such strategically important land to the Soviet Union in the midst of the “Cold War”? Subsequent interrogations of traitors to the leftist Tudeh Party showed that many of Mossadeq’s followers were from the Tude Party and wanted to topple the Pahlavi dynasty to establish a communist dictatorship. The Communists wanted to use Mossadeq in order to overthrow the Shah. And after that Mossadeq should be liquidated. Many members of the banned Tudeh Party were arrested and soon afterwards released. Once again, the Shah saved Mossadeq from execution, even though he had once again been charged with high treason.

Screenshot (138)

On August 19, 1953, workers, craftsmen, students, doctors, lawyers, soldiers, policemen, women, and adolescents opposed the machine guns and tanks of the former government of Mossadeq. A warning shot at his house, fired by the army that had remained faithful to the Shah and the constitution, then ended the coup attempt. The Royalists were specifically supported by the US under President Eisenhower and this action was to go down in history under the name Operation Ajax.

Anyone who is familiar with the Iranian Mashrute Constitution knows that the Prime Minister was appointed and dismissed by the Šah. If one can speak of a coup at all, then the US intervention was an aid to prevent an anti-constitutional coup by Mossadeq.

Screenshot (136)

Mossadeq was a traitor who plunged his country into chaos, anarchy and hunger and almost succeeded in selling Iran to the Soviet Union. Anyone who loves Mossadeq today must also love Ahmadinejad for his populist economic policies and insane demagoguery. At that time, it was the right to own the Iranian oil which isolated Iran. Today it is the right to posses nuclear technology, and again, Iran is being isolated from the world. Mossadeq, like Ahmadinejad, also led a populist economic policy, an anti-Iranian policy of isolation and the exclusion of foreign influences.
The 19th of August, the day Dr. Mossadeq was overthrown, should remain in the memory of every Iranian, it was the day that was prevented, that Iran was sold out to the Soviet Union.



Mossadeq: A member of the former Turkic aristocracy (Qajar)



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